Retail and Financial Analytics

Emporio analytics is a trusted partner in shopper marketing analytics for retailers and their suppliers in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Russia and building on 20 years experience (being part of the GPS research group).

Emporio analytics provides a full suite of solutions for Retailers and Consumer Goods Brands to enable Analytics-Driven Shopper Marketing – ranging from Analytical Consulting, Data Integration Services and Platforms to Training and Retail/Manufacturer Collaboration Program.

Data Analytics allow Shopper Marketeers to become personal again by learning about Shopper Behavior and implementing targeted actions. Learn about how Data Analytics can be used in Shopper Communication, Retail Tactics and Retail Operations.

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We have created content and visual fulfillment of the presentation. All the incoming data (client brief, analytical, corporate information) was processed and presented in the structure and design mockup. After that, the final design was completed.

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