Retail and financial analytics

A comprehensive analytical service that provides retailers with the ability to track the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns, and the performance of their particular products.

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IT solution for mass-market

A promotional platform for retailers and services providers that combines all of their special offers in one place, which is accessible to users through registration. The presentation shows all the benefits of the platform for the brands (partners) and works as a user manual.

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Warehouse construction

Corporate presentations for clients that tell the audience about the company, its services, advantages and experience.

The company provided high-quality photographs and a preliminary idea. After being briefed, Soda collected the raw information and created a structure that was approved by the client. The presentation was completed within 3 days, as agreed with the client.

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Media platform

A presentation for an online-media portal, which showcased the company and its media services.

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FMCG products | For retailers

A presentation for retailers and distributors to introduce a new product. The goal of the presentation was to emphasize the technological qualities of this high-end brand, and to illustrate the marketing benefits for the distributors that will be working with the brand.

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  • Over 10 years of experience working with presentations. 
  • An understanding of the client’s needs from an in-house and agency perspective.
  • A passion for creative and beautiful solutions.
  • A deep understanding of your business.
  • Knowledge of different industries.


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