Dubai based Riana group is a highly diversified group of companies with activities spanning Aviation Training, Charters, Tourism, Restaurants, Property, and Philanthropy. Discover Montenegro, part of Risana Group, is a prime destination management agency, providing a range of services including hotel, travel, helicopter, yacht, and private jet charter, lifestyle, experiences, and property consultancy. Byblos, also part of Riana Group, is the first Lebanese restaurant in Montenegro, opened its doors in May 2016. It offers Lebanese oriental vegetable-based dishes containing natural, unprocessed ingredients, like fresh vegetables and fruits, an array of legumes and whole grains, cold pressed oils including olive and sesame (tahini), locally sourced meats and seafood, fresh and fermented yogurt and other dairy, nuts, and seeds.

The main task was to establish 360 digital presence, which included developing online awareness campaign and lead generation mechanism. The company received a Brand Book and staff training. Byblos restaurant required a functional website with menus and call-to-actions along with the ability to make online table reservations.

Consultancy & execution: building full-scale digital infrastructure, CRM integration, business processes description and automation, website development, brand book development, social media presence.

Digital marketing tools: Google AdWords, email marketing an automation, instant business analytics.

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