Porto Montenegro is the leading superyacht marina and luxury village in the Adriatic. Bringing luxury to a new level, Porto Montenegro is introducing the best marina services, high-end residences, and new lifestyle concepts. The always vibrant village offers 50 retail units of fashion and accessories boutiques, bars, restaurants, a spa and hair salon, a grocery store, wine saloon, brasserie, yachting services, and other everyday amenities.

The project required a stylish website that answers the luxury development’s needs, with all the necessary call-to-actions and appropriate user experiences. Along with the digital infrastructure, a full-scale lead generation, nurturing and retention marketing process was developed within the integrated CRM system. This fostered the increase of the number of collected leads from online by 400% over three years.

Consulting and execution: Digital marketing, strategy development, omnichannel campaigns building and implementation with the most effective and relevant online marketing tools.

Digital marketing tools:  AdWords, Yandex and social media campaigns, email marketing, and marketing automation, website, micro-websites and iOS apps launch.

Big data management: CRM integration, multi-channel analytics,